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Founding Years


Founded in 1864 by Phillip Hummel, the company has become one of the largest and most modern companies in the area. The business was located in downtown Versailles originally. At Hummel's death, his son Frank inherited.


The company was purchased in 1900 by Edwin F. Nickol, and has retained that name. Through Nickol's hard work and dedication, the company grew into one of the largest of its kind in this area.The present buildings were completed in 1938. 


Mr. Nickol retired from the business in 1952 and died in June of 1963. His monument can be viewed at Greenlawn cemetery in Versailles.



During the early 1930's Nickol saw the need for a type of burial which could be planned in advance, and in 1935, the "Shrine Memorial" was perfected and offered to the public. The Shrine Memorial is proclaimed nationally as the ultimate in surface burial vault design and construction.


Nickol granted the patent rights to other states where this kind of burial was becoming the favored type. Nickol monument stopped producing the Shrine Memorial in 1998.

To the Present

     Mr. and Mrs. George Oliver purchased the business in 1964 and employed Fred Condon, who later purchased the company and ran it until the mid-1990's. Edwin F. Nickol Monuments is now owned and operated by his son Gary Condon.

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