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     We have hundreds of designs, and separate design elements, for you to select from. This allows families to create a fitting design by simply mixing and matching designs and emblems. However, keep in mind that we are a custom monument company and can do virtually anything you want when it comes to artwork.


     We offer in house design and laser production to create a truly unique memorial. From concept to finished product we will work with you to ensure your memorial is personal and also a piece of art. Whether it's a portrait or fully customized collage, your imagination, with the help of ours, is the perfect way to capture a memory. Here are a few creative ways to get started:

  • Choose from hundreds of font choices. 

  • Pick a theme - military, wildlife, religious, family home, vocation, etc...

  • Choose what pictures you want. Anywhere from wildlife to personal pictures.

  • Sit down with a design specialist to discuss your ideas!


     Whether shape carved or flat carved, most memorials are carved by sandblast. We encourage you to personalize your memorial using this medium. Whether it is a military emblem, a hobby, or anything that captures your loved one's passion, we can probably carve it using sandblast.


     This is a special way to personalize a memorial with favorite photos; we use either rectangle or oval shapes. Available in color or black and white. You can be certain it will still be beautiful for generations to come, indoors or outdoors. The special process ensures the porcelain memorial plaque is extremely durable in various weather conditions. Ask about installing a ceramic photo on an existing cemetery memorial.

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